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Cross-Browser Web Development

cross browser compatible website design

As you know, Web browsers are no longer limited to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator like the old days. There are many Web browsers in use today, and various versions of each. Web surfers now have options to choose Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many others to browse the Internet. So what does it mean to your website? A website that works in Chrome or Firefox, may not work properly in Internet Explorer or vice-versa. Each web browser renders websites differently and not all HTML tags and CSS properties behave the same way on all web browsers. A web designer's job is to avoid surprises by writing clean, well-formed HTML/CSS code and embed tags and scripts in HTML pages where they belong. It is also necessary to apply various techniques and choose appropriate tags to achieve desired goals.

After an HTML layout is completed, it must be thoroughly tested on all major browsers and operating systems to ensure web page layout displays correctly on all browsers as intended. Cross-browser web development is not as complicated as it seems. Sure, there are some extra time and work involved. But often times many web designers skip cross-browser compatibility tests to meet the deadline and get paid or they simply don't know how.

If your website is not cross-browser compatible or you are not sure how to figure it out, have Florida Web Media check your website for cross-browser compatibility and fix it.

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