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Why Responsive Website Matters

With more and more site visits are coming from mobile phones every day, it’s critical your website looks good on all devices. But more importantly, mobile-friendliness is now an SEO factor. Google recommends responsive mobile-friendly website as it is easier for them and other search engines to crawl and index a single URL (domain) rather than a separate mobile site using a different domain or sub-domain name. There is also a significant difference between the screen sizes of desktop computers and mobile devices. The users’ experience will not be pleasant if your website displays the same layout for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. To view your website content on smartphones and tablets, lots of efforts such as panning and zooming are required by the end users, let alone device orientation. It will certainly create an unpleasant user experience, and this is why having a responsive mobile-friendly website is very important for your business’ online success.

Responsive Mobile-friendly Website - One Site Fits All Devices

The adoption of new web design technology by the mobile devices and all major web browsers have come to a point where it is safe to convert your traditional website into a responsive website. Responsive website is very low-maintenance, and it is future-proof. You don't need a separate mobile website and additional domain or subdomain to make your website mobile friendly. One domain name, one hosting and one responsive website will work on all devices − it's that simple!

Whether you need a marketing landing page, a simple brochure website, an e-commerce website or a website powered by content management system, we’ll build your site from the ground up and make it beautiful, mobile-friendly and searchable. Have Florida Web Media convert your traditional website into a responsive website or build a new responsive site for your business that is guaranteed to work on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

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