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What is Website Migration?

Website migration is the process of moving a website from one domain or web host to another. This can involve simply changing the domain name of the site, or it can involve moving all of the website's files and databases to a new web host. Website migration is typically done to improve the performance or security of a website, or to give the website a new look and feel. It's important to carefully plan and execute a website migration to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that the website remains accessible and functional throughout the migration.

Website Migration Services

Sometimes it is necessary to move an existing website from one hosting provider to another. You may not be happy with your current web hosting company, or you've found a web hosting company that offers better value, more features and quick support, or whatever the reason may be, moving a website to another hosting provider requires preparation, careful planning and access to website domain records to minimize downtime. Florida Web Media can help you move your existing website to your preferred web hosting company.

Moving your website to another web hosting involves information gathering (i.e. domain access - NS record, MX record, A-record, CNAME record, FTP access, database information etc.), files and data backup, and a few critical steps which must be done in a specific order to migrate your site to another hosting provider successfully. Your website may be inaccessible for a longer period of time if the steps are not followed in correct order or done incorrectly.

We're Website Migration Expert

At Florida Web Media, our goal is to minimize the down time as short as possible while moving and restoring your website to its original working condition on a new hosting server. Oftentimes, we make this transition smooth and transparent, and your website visitors will not be affected by it. Contact us today at (561) 291-9932 to learn more about website migration service.

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